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Linentalks Rose Pink Canopy Bed Scarf for King Bed, Luxury Sheer Bed Canopy Scarf, Sheer Scarf Canopy Bed Drapes, Four Post Bed Canopy Drape, 1 PC

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Article Name: Elegant Sheer Bed Canopy Scarf/ Tulle canopy for girls bed/Canopy decor scarf<br>


- Elegant Rose Pink Color
- Enhace your bedroom atmosphere and decor: This Delicately made sheer voile bed scarves really light up your bedroom and creat a modern romantic feeling. This sheer curtain scarf for canopy really softens the bedroom quite a lot.
- Easy Setting Up: Quite easy to install! What you need to do is to simply put the canopy bed drape scarf over the ope of your canopy bed frame. Slope this canopy curtains scarf more or less to adjust the drapery height that you need over the bed. If the scarf is a bit longer, you could leave a bit on the floor (Canopy bed or canopy bed frames are not included in our products)
1 PC Packing: Each packing include one piece of sheer canpoy bed drapes, each peice measuring size of 52X 256".  Please purchase 2 pcs scarves if you want the 2 pcs look with each piece hanging over both of the bed head and foot of the canopy bed frame.
- Carefully Designed Multipul Sizes and Colors Sheer Curtains for Canopy Bed: We made 3 sizes to match all differnt canopy bed sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king canopy beds. With more available sizes, our canopy bed scarces mathes better with the bed sizes. You not only save a bit money from less useage of fabrics but also make a small step for environment protecting.
-  Gorgeous Quality Sheers and Nice Workmanship: We cares about quality. For these tulle canopy shears scaces, they are made of high qulality and refined soft sheer voile fabrics. we especially take care of the our side hem, no loose sewing or tight stitching. Each piece are carefully packed. Suggest to iron with low heat to remove the wrinkles from packing before you hang them on.

Giving your bedroom a new softer and romantic look and enhancing your bedroom atmosphere, they are a perfect match of your canopy beds! Simply throw these shear bed canopy scarf over the bed frames, it softens and improves your bedroom decor feeling, making you feeling more comfortable and relaxed.<br>
It can be hanging in many different ways, you could hang one piece both widthwise or lengthwise . You could spread out the canopy scarf on top of the canopy frame rails lengthwise or you could gather the fabric width of the canopy scarf together and hang it on the canopy frame widthwise to get more folding and drapery look. You could buy 2 pcs to get an enhanced look. Nevertherless, just use your imagination to think about more creatives ways to hang the bed scarces<br>
Availble Sizes:<br>
-52" X 205" for Twin and Twin XL canpoy bed drapes <br>
-52" X 228" for Full and Queen Canopy beds<br>
-52 X 256" for king and California King Sized Canopy Bed Sizes<br>
Availabke Color:
White/ Light Pink/ Blush Pink/ Yellow/ Mint/Air Blue/Coral/Lime Green/Lilac<br>
- You could buy 2 scarves for enhanced look<br>
- Iron with low heat to remove wrinkles before setting up to creat more clean and neat looking<br>